We provide our clients with a monthly assessment of how healthy their business is. Our trained specialists ensure we translate the financial results of your business in a way and format that speaks your language.

Our specialised services will ensure you have:

  • Up to date, accurate and complete accounting/bookkeeping records;
  • Well thought out business plans with realistic projections and strategic objectives;
  • Up to date company secretarial records;
  • Benefitting of comprehensive tax benefits available to expatriates;
  • Independent compilation of annual financial statements according to the latest accounting
  • Independent reviews of your annual financial statements to comply with the Company’s Act;
  • Identified weaknesses and best practise recommendations regarding overall operations of your business;
  • A payroll that has accurate PAYE and other statutory deductions and comply with the Labour Act;
  • Registration of legal entities and amendment thereto in accordance with the Company’s Act;
  • Registration for and submission of Statutory Returns on time;
  • Completion and submission of your and your business’ annual and provisional income tax
    retruns on time, and ensuring all deductions within the law were taken into account;
  • At Oschmann Accounting, all our staff are proud to deliver accurate, timeous usable
    accounting and tax services that provide peace of mind to discerning SME business
  • For a free health assessment* in your language on:
  • 1. Your latest year-to-date trail balance/financial statements
  • 2. Tax compliance with SARS
  • 3. Statutory compliance with CIPC* subject to the location of your business

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